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All There Is to Know About HeatShieldⓇ

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HeatShieldⓇ Cerfractory Foam is an eco friendly spray on liner that is used to restore and protect your chimney.

Chimney Damage

In order for your fireplace to be efficient and safe, it must be free of any gaps, cracks, or jagged edges. Clay tiles, which are traditionally used in chimney lining, are very durable and effective. However, even the best tiles and tile installations are prone to wear and tear.



Common Reasons for Chimney Damage:

Water Damage – Water damage is a major cause of chimney damage. Water can enter the chimney via leaks in the chimney wall. Overtime, water in the brick wall will freeze and thaw. This causes cracking and/or crumbling.

Environmental Damage – Rain, snow, hail, and debris can enter your chimney forcefully during a severe storm. Large debris can cause instant damage that is easily seen, but rain, snow, and hail will slowly weaken your chimney lining and make it unsafe.

Age – Even the best chimneys fall prey to the passage of time. An older chimney is likely to have some cracks or gaps from constant use even if it is well maintained.

What is HeatShieldⓇ?

HeatShieldⓇ Cerfractory Foam is a ceramic, refractory hybrid coating. Unlike regular refractory mortar, HeatShieldⓇ expands up to 50% as is cures and contains tiny air pockets that insulate the chimney wall. HeatShieldⓇ has undergone thorough lab studies and is durable, safe, and approved for use with all fuel types. It can withstand temperatures greater than 2900 degrees and is resistant to gas and water corrosion. The installation process is also fairly simple.

The BullDog Installation Process

Collecting Video Data – A qualified chimney technician will take a video of the chimney system. This is to determine existing issues with your chimney and to create a custom foam blade that will be used when HeatShieldⓇ is applied.

Cleaning and Priming – A “tie coat” material is applied to the walls and is allowed to dry. This coat, which is a crucial part of the resurfacing process, cleans away any debris that might hinder the foam’s ability hold onto the existing liner.

Application of HeatShieldⓇ – HeatShieldⓇ is then sprayed into your chimney. The custom foam blade, mentioned in the first step, it used to smooth out the application of HeatShieldⓇ. Any bumps or divots in the HeatShieldⓇ finish will slow down smoke and increase the risk of creosote build up. A smooth finish is necessary for an efficient chimney system.

Additional Video Footage – After HeatShieldⓇ has dried, more video footage is taken to ensure that the process was successful.

Why Use HeatShieldⓇ?

If your chimney liner is damaged, it is extremely important to fix it quickly. A cracked or crumbling flue liner causes you to lose heat, burn fuel inefficiently, is a serious fire hazard, and may expose homeowners to carbon monoxide. HeatShieldⓇ is fast and extremely effective when it comes to chimney liner repairs and has the strength to last.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your chimney liner needs. Fast action is important!