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Benefits of a Fireplace Rebuild

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Out of all the many parts that make up the chimney system, the fireplace withstands the most abuse and gets the least attention. The firebox itself is seldom cleaned during the burning season, unless it’s during a scheduled chimney sweep. Over time, continued use of the fireplace and the concentrated heat within the firebox causes normal wear and tear. This often leads to damage if left unnoticed. Depending on the extent of the damage, a rebuild may be in order.

Benefits of a Fireplace Rebuild Image - Carbondale CO - Bulldog Chimney SweepsYou might also opt for a rebuild, if you’re looking for an upgrade during a remodel or renovation. Why, you may ask? Having a damaged, outdated, or unassuming fireplace actually brings down the value of your home.

Fireplace Face-Lift

A fireplace rebuild may be on your to-do list this winter if you’re looking for an upgrade. A beautiful, custom-built fireplace can only add value to your home. In addition, it will become the focal point of the room where it sits. You should seek a chimney sweep company that has expert masons on staff to build the masonry fireplace of your dreams.

Fireplace Repair

Sometimes fireplace damage is so extensive it cannot be repaired without a complete fireplace rebuild. In other cases, the original construction of the fireplace requires a rebuild. This is to raise efficiency or repair an overlooked installation problem.

Factors that can lead to a rebuild include:

  • Water Damage.
    Water can cause extensive damage! This includes spalling, lime-leaching, and cracking. Once water has penetrated the chimney system it damages the masonry from the inside out. This damage cannot withstand the high heat of a fire. Therefore it allows dangerous heat to damage other building materials in the home. Consequently, even igniting flammable materials such as insulation and wood.
  • Smoke Staining and Creosote.
    Fireplaces built improperly may have inefficiencies that cause a smoky fire. Also, extra creosote and soot build up on the chimney and fireplace walls. If this is the case, a fireplace rebuild will repair the damage, as well as fix the problem at its source. When the fireplace is the correct size and dimensions for the chimney, the fire will burn more efficiently.
  • Incorrect Construction.
    Fireplaces built incorrectly, due to a mistake or an unqualified contractor, may need a fireplace rebuild. The fireplace should be built out of refractory materials that can withstand high heat. Built out of incorrect materials, the fireplace will need to be repeatedly repaired. A fireplace rebuild will mean no repeated repairs.

It may be hard to find a problem with your fireplace!

The average homeowner won’t notice a problem, until it has caused extensive damage. This is why it’s important to remember your annual chimney inspection. When a CSIA certified Bulldog chimney sweep gets a look at your fireplace, he knows what to look for. When you choose Bulldog, you’ll get a full repair plan. We won’t just rebuild or repair the fireplace. In addition, we’ll also fix the problem that causes the damage in the first place.

West Colorado has counted on Bulldog Chimney Sweeps for over 20 years. Contact a Bulldog Chimney fireplace expert today for your fireplace rebuild and more! 970-872-2333