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Bulldog Offers HeatShield Cerfractory Resurfacing

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When you’re looking to repair your flue liner, don’t just assume you have to replace it completely. Make sure you get it inspected by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS)  who is trained in the HeatShield system. When you choose a professional chimney sweep company that is experienced and trained with HeatShield resurfacing, you may be able to have the chimney lining resurfaced instead of replaced. Resurfacing will get you back to heating your home in no time, and without the worry of chimney damage or fire hazards.

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What is Cerfractory Surfacing?

Even when a clay liner is installed correctly, time and use damages it. Heat causes clay liners to crack and break apart eventually, and moisture in the chimney can also damage a clay liner. If the chimney is inspected routinely, as recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), damage to the liner should be noticed in time to repair it with resurfacing instead of replacement.

Cerfractory sealant is a combination of refractory (fire resistant) and ceramic materials that creates a finished product that is long-lasting and works with all fuel types, without having to replace the liner.

Why Resurface Instead of Reline?

Resurfacing is a process that provides the same result of relining, using one product which has been studied and tested over a few decades. HeatShield can create a new lining for your chimney flue, resurfacing broken, cracked, and crumbling tile without the hassle of replacing it completely. It can be expensive and time-consuming to replace a clay tile liner because the chimney sweep must first remove the existing clay tile. This process can even damage the masonry as the tile is removed.

Also, if only minor damage exists, HeatShield is a great option because it essentially replaces your chimney without the cost of installing a comparable liner (stainless steel). When you use HeatShield you get the same result of a stainless steel lining. Your chimney will be heat resistant up to 2900 F, will work with all fuel types, and will be long lasting.

Why Choose HeatShield

There are other relining products on the market, but HeatShield is the only one that has been studied, tested, and perfected for twenty years! It is the only product that combines heat resistant material with ceramic compounds to create this cerfractory sealant, and the only one that trains and certifies its independent installers. HeatShield is also an “eco friendly” product made from recycled and naturally occurring materials. Finally, your HeatShield Cerfractory Resurfacing is covered by a 20 year materials warranty.

Ask a professional about HeatShield and what it can do for your chimney. Our HeatShield contractors offer video scanning before and after resurfacing to ensure all problem areas are repaired successfully. This footage can also be presented to insurance or real estate officials if required.

HeatShield may be the solution your flue liner needs. Find out today by calling Bulldog Chimney Sweeps  today.