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Cap That Chimney!

When you hear the term chimney cap, technicians are not talking about a headpiece for your chimney.  If this is mentioned during one of your yearly inspections, it is because they may think it will help with performance.  To get more information on what a chimney cap can do for you call Bulldog Chimney Sweeps.

There is more than one type of chimney cap?

Keeping blockages from gunking up your air flow is critically important; both for safety and performance.

Keeping blockages from gunking up your air flow is critically important; both for safety and performance.

There are many different types of fireplaces on the market, and they all contain their own chimneys.  Since chimney caps serve such important purposes, they are not one size fits all.  Metal chimneys are connected to wood stoves and prefabricated fireplaces.  If you have one of these types of chimneys it is important to have a cap because rain can damage the entire structure of the chimney.  Also, animals will be able to feel the warmth and begin to nest.

Since masonry fireplaces operate a little differently, their cap is extremely important and all caps should be installed by a professional.  While caps help protect from wet weather and animals, they can also help your draft if you live in an area that is especially windy.  However, if the cap is not installed properly it can force the draft to not flow correctly.

So, why are chimney caps so important anyway?

The Chimney Safety institute of America (CSIA) recommends that chimney’s have caps installed, as they are an inexpensive way to protect from damage being caused to the unit.  Since chimney caps help keep rainwater away, they protect from rust and destruction to the liner.  It is important to keep water away so that there is no opportunity for mold to grow and spread throughout your home.

There is less chance of a fire being caused when less amounts of nature are allowed into the chimney.   Leaves and twigs can build up inside of the unit and cause blockages.  Also, animals can leave nests behind, while also being risky just because of the diseases they carry.  If you sense that you have an animal in the home, call for professional extermination.

Lastly, chimney caps help if in the unfortunate event a chimney fire sparks.  These fires have flames that are very powerful and can spread quickly.  If these start shooting up they can spread, so a cap will help keep sparks contained to the one area.