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Why Would I Need My Chimney Resurfaced Or Relined?

The liner of a chimney is typically constructed of metal or clay tiles, and is designed to take the abusive heat and by-products of combustion, and safely remove them from the home. Although liners are designed to be durable and resilient, if the liner is neglected, damaged, or missing, several problems can develop with the efficiency and safety of your chimney system. If your liner is showing signs of damage, you may need to have your flue relined. You may also need to reline your chimney if you have changed your fuel type or appliance type or size.

What Causes Damage To A Chimney Liner?

One of the biggest perpetrators of chimney liner damage is water. If all parts of the system are properly installed and cared for, the interior of the chimney system should never actually come in contact with water. If the crown, cap, masonry, or flashing of the system are damaged or missing, however, leaks can develop, leaving the liner vulnerable.

If the chimney liner is constructed of clay tiles, water exposure can lead to cracking and crumbling. If the chimney liner is constructed of metal, water exposure can lead to rust and corrosion, leaving holes within the actual liner. Regardless of material, a damaged liner will be inefficient and dangerous.

What Is The Danger Of Having A Damaged Chimney Liner?

The chimney liner is designed to remove the dangerous by-products of combustion from the home. When holes, cracks, and gaps are present within the liner, these dangerous by-products and high heats can easily escape into the surrounding masonry, walls, and air supply.

When high heat is released into the walls surrounding the damaged liner, it can easily cause a house fire. The moisture from hot vapor and gases can also cause the masonry of the chimney to deteriorate and decay, resulting in expensive repairs and structural instability.

In addition to the structural damage that can be caused by a deteriorating chimney liner, health hazards are also a concern. During combustion, smoke and poisonous gases like carbon monoxide are often created. If these by-products are allowed into your home via the cracks and gaps within the chimney liner, your family could be the victims of carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation can cause respiratory problems, and aggravate asthma, allergies, and respiratory illnesses. Carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable (without a carbon monoxide alarm), and if exposure is prolonged or concentrated, it can cause organ damage and even death.

How Can Bulldog Chimney Sweeps Help?

To protect your family and home, it is imperative that you have your chimney liner inspected for damage, and resurfaced or relined, if necessary. At Bulldog Chimney Sweeps, we specialize in the installation of stainless steel liners, Golden Flue® cast masonry liners, and the HeatShield® cerfractory resurfacing system. Call us at 970-872-2333, or schedule your appointment online!


As part of our complete fireplace and chimney services, we repair and rebuild masonry chimney systems. Ask us for more information.


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