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Golden Flue: “The Cure For The Flue”

A damaged or deteriorating flue can be incredibly dangerous and inefficient. You see, the flue is designed to contain and remove hot ash, smoke, and gases from the home, without allowing conditioned air to escape. When a flue has cracks, holes, or openings, it not only allows the hot and dangerous by-products of combustion to seep into the surrounding walls, it also delays the removal of hot gas and smoke, contributing to flammable creosote buildup within the liner. The results: perfect conditions for a house or chimney fire. If your clay flue liner is damaged and in need of extensive repairs, Golden Flue can breathe new life into your flue, and save you the headache and expense of having to rebuild.


What Is Golden Flue?

Golden Flue is what is known as a “cast masonry liner”, and is created from a thoughtfully-designed mix of volcanic rock. Because it is composed of volcanic rock, the heat and by-products of fire aren’t a threat to this liner at all. The product is basically pumped into the chimney and smoothed into place using tools specifically designed for use with Golden Flue. The result is a fortified and incredibly durable new flue.

Why Golden Flue?

Unfortunately, flue relining often changes the flue size, as insulation is typically needed for safety reasons. With Golden Flue, this isn’t a concern. Golden Flue is approved as needing only 1” of lining thickness and not requiring any clearance from combustibles. What this means is that a flue relined with Golden Flue will not actually change or decrease in size, and will still work harmoniously with the connected appliance. Because it is a pumped masonry liner, the size and shape of your chimney do not pose a challenge. The product will simply conform to whatever size or shape is necessary.

Golden Flue is also the only pumped masonry liner that is U.L. Listed, and has met the extensive safety guidelines proposed by Underwriters Laboratories. It is designed to take higher heats and longer burn times, and can withstand high levels of chloride and sulfuric acids. The durability and safety of Golden Flue is not matched by any other cast masonry liner – there simply is no better option.

When you reline with Golden Flue, you are reinforcing the entire chimney structure, sealing all breaks or cracks, and insulating your chimney in one single process. Golden Flue will also help to reduce creosote buildup and increase the efficiency of your entire system.

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Stainless steel liners provide many years of service as a chimney relining solution. Ask us if it could work for you.


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