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HeatShield® Cerfractory Resurfacing

Traditionally, many chimney flues are lined with clay tiles, which can be incredibly durable and effective. But, no matter how well the flue lining was installed, time, the elements, and the abuse of fire can cause the clay tiles to break, crack, or crumble. This process typically begins as a result of water penetration (a leaky chimney) or as a result of the moisture and hot gases produced during combustion.

A cracking and crumbling flue liner is not to be ignored – it can cause the entire system to lose heat and burn fuel incompletely, which will quickly drain the homeowner’s fuel supply, wallet, and patience. Not only is a damaged liner incredibly inefficient, it is a serious fire and health hazard. The high heat and gases of combustion can seep through the holes and cracks, causing fires within the surrounding walls, or exposing the home’s inhabitants to carbon monoxide, smoke, and other dangerous by-products.

What Can I Do If My Clay Tile Liner Is Damaged?

If your clay flue liner is cracking and crumbling but is still structurally sound, the HeatShield® Cerfractory Resurfacing system may be the solution to your problems. The HeatShield® Resurfacing System works to restore your clay liner without the cost and labor of a rebuild.

What Does The HeatShield® Resurfacing Process Involve?

Before beginning the HeatShield® resurfacing process, a qualified chimney technician will take detailed video data, documenting your existing clay liner and locating all problem areas. Once sufficient video footage of the entire flue is obtained, the technician will form a foam blade that is custom-fitted to your flue. This foam blade is designed to smooth the HeatShield® product, ensuring that all gaps, cracks, and holes are filled, and that the surface itself is seamless and even. A smooth finish it imperative for an efficient chimney system – if there are any divots or bumps, it can slow down the exit of smoke and gases, causing creosote to build up on the walls of the flue.

Before applying the HeatShield® product, a “tie coat” material is applied to the walls and allowed to dry. This coat acts as both a cleaner and a primer, and is a crucial part of the resurfacing process. Once the tie coat is dry, the HeatShield® Cerfractory flue sealant is applied, and the foam blade is pulled up the length of the flue to smooth out the product. Upon completion, video footage is obtained to evaluate the results and ensure that the process was successful.

Why HeatShield®?

HeatShield® is an incredibly durable product and offers the resilience of ceramic and refractory (as it is a combination of both). It is approved for use with all fuel types and has undergone extensive lab studies for safety and durability. Able to resist water and gas corrosion, and endure temperatures of 2900 degrees and higher, when you resurface with HeatShield®, you are guaranteed a quality and long-lasting flue liner.

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