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The parts of the chimney are all working together for the safety and efficiency of the entire system. That’s why it is so important to have all parts professionally and properly installed and maintained. Whether you are in need of a chimney cap, a damper, a chase cover or a storm collar, Bulldog Chimney Sweeps can provide you with the quality products and the professional installation you’re looking for!masonry-1

Why Would I Need A Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are typically constructed of galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper, and are designed to sit above the chimney crown. They work much like their name suggests: by capping the chimney top to prevent water, debris, and animals from entering the chimney system. Chimney caps are incredibly important, and should not be considered as chimney “options”. If a cap is missing or damaged as a result of a strong storm or improper installation, animals, water, and other debris can easily access the chimney system and cause devastating damage. Whether you have a single flue chimney or a multi-flue chimney, or you prefer the grand or the unassuming, there is a cap for you! For more information on chimney caps, click here.

Why Would I Need A Damper?

Dampers are designed as plugs or seals that can be used to block off or open up air flow within the chimney system. Traditionally, these “throat dampers” have been installed just above the firebox, but modern “energy-top dampers” are becoming more and more popular. Energy-top dampers are situated at the top of the flue, and are favored for their ability to keep conditioned air in and outside air out. Because of their location, they can also eradicate the need for a chimney cap. For more information on chimney dampers, click here.

Why Would I Need A Chase Cover?

Chase covers are designed to fit on top of prefabricated chimney systems and serve much the same purpose as a chimney crown. Although most prefabricated chimneys come with a chase cover, the original is typically constructed of a cheap, thin metal, and will usually rust through rather quickly. In addition to being constructed from poor materials, most original chase covers are improperly fitted, which can allow water and other elements to enter the chimney system. For more information on chase covers, please see our Chase Cover page.

Why Would I Need A Storm Collar?

A storm collar is a type of flashing that is designed to wrap around the chimney pipe of a prefabricated chimney system. It sits just below the cap and just above the chase, and is designed to direct water away from the chase and off of the roof. For more information on storm collars, click here.

Whatever your chimney cap, damper, chase cover, or storm collar needs, give Bulldog Chimney Sweeps a call today or click here to schedule an appointment online! We work with only the highest-quality materials and have years of installation experience!


Repairing a leaky chimney is no job for an amateur. Call on our professional and experienced crew for this important chimney service.


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