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Chase Cover Replacement and Installation

What Is A Chase Cover?

A chase cover is basically a metal chimney crown that is designed to fit with a prefabricated (as opposed to a masonry) chimney system. This covering must be custom-fitted to the chase to ensure a tight seal and quality system protection.

Why Do I Need A Chase Cover?

Unlike a masonry chimney, a prefabricated chimney simply refers to the actual piping of the system. The boxed area surrounding the piping is what is known as the chase and it is designed to give the prefab chimney protection and a more traditional chimney look. Much like a masonry chimney, a prefabricated chimney and chase are open on top, leaving them vulnerable to the elements. That’s where the chase cover (or the crown on a masonry chimney) comes in. The chase cover of a chimney system protects the system from snow, sleet, wind, rain, animals, birds, and debris. By covering and sealing the chase, the chase cover preserves the chimney and ensures its longevity, its efficiency, and its safety. Leaving your prefabricated chimney without a chase cover or with a damaged chase cover will significantly shorten the lifespan of your entire system and should not be considered an option.

What Are Some Common Chase Cover Problems?

Low-Quality Materials: Any time a prefabricated chimney is installed, it usually comes with a chase cover, but the quality of these chase covers is typically substandard. Many of these “stock” chase covers rust through in just a short amount of time, leaving the prefabricated chimney completely unprotected. Because homeowners expect the chase covers to last longer, they may not know that their chimney is defenseless, which is why annual professional inspections and cleanings are so important. A professional sweep will be able to identify a deteriorating, low-quality chase cover before the chimney suffers extensive damage.

Poor Fit: Chase covers are designed to protect the prefabricated chimney system by sealing out water, animals, and debris. Unfortunately, we find that a great deal of prefabricated chimney damage is as a result of a poorly fitted and installed chase cover. Each chase cover should be custom-fitted to the chase, to ensure adequate seal and protection. If a chase cover is poorly-fitted, it will be unable to do its job of defending the chase and chimney against the elements.

Why Bulldog Chimney Sweeps?

At Bulldog Chimney Sweeps, we specialize in the installation of quality chase covers. We have seen the difference that quality material and good fit make, and we never settle for anything less than perfect. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 970-872-2333, or click here to schedule online!


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