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Quality Damper Installation and Replacement

The damper of the chimney system is basically a sliding door that can be opened or closed to increase or restrict air flow within the chimney. In the past, dampers were installed in the throat of the chimney, just below the flue, with a chain or lever for easy opening and closing. Although these throat dampers were mostly effective, they didn’t provide tight seals and often resulted in a good deal of energy waste. Throat dampers also regularly experienced problems due to rust or creosote glaze. If these systems were not properly and regularly maintained, creosote could build up and basically cook the damper into a specific position, or water could cause the damper to rust into place or deteriorate. This resulted in an ineffective damper and an inefficient system.

Energy-Top Dampers

To address the problems with throat dampers, energy-top (lock-top, top-sealing, or top-mount) dampers were brought onto the scene and have become increasingly popular. Unlike throat dampers, energy-top dampers are attached to the flue tiles at the top of the chimney, and have a chain that travels down the system for easy opening and closing of the damper. The benefits of investing in an energy-top damper are:

  • Increased Energy Savings – By providing a tight seal at the top of the chimney, energy-top dampers prevent conditioned air from escaping the home through the chimney. With the installation of an energy-top damper, you can expect to save up to 30% on heating costs and up to 8% on utility costs every year.
  • Flue Protection – Because of the energy-top dampers location, it acts as an additional shield of protection for the chimney flue. The tight seal formed by the damper prevents rain, snow, sleet, debris, and birds and animals from entering the chimney system and causing damage, obstructions, or chimney fires.

If you’re tired of losing money and energy through your chimney system, and don’t want to have to worry about animal or water damage, you may want to consider having an energy-top damper installed on your home. When professionally installed and maintained, these dampers can effectively function for years and years.

Worried about appearances? Energy-top dampers are relatively low profile, and will most likely only be noticed when in the open position. There are a variety of styles and sizes available, so you don’t have to sacrifice looks when choosing an energy-top damper.

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