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Storm Collar Replacement And Installation

The chimney system is a delicate and complex system, regardless of whether it is built on-site or in-factory. If any of the system’s parts are flawed, deteriorating or improperly installed and fitted, the chimney will experience all sorts of problems with safety and efficiency and will quickly reach the end of its useful life.

Because of the chimney’s location, it is virtually unprotected from harsh elements and strong storms. For a prefabricated chimney system, this is even more of a concern, as it typically lacks protective masonry walls. For a prefabricated chimney system to thrive and ward off water, it requires a high-quality and professionally-installed chase and chase cover, and a high-quality and professionally-fitted storm collar.

Without a quality and professionally-fitted storm collar, your system is at serious risk for water damage. A system that is collar-less will allow water to run straight down the chimney pipe and wreak havoc on the metal chimney.

What Is A Storm Collar?

A storm collar refers to a type of flashing that is fitted around the chimney pipe of a prefabricated chimney system. It sits just above the chase (the box that actually encloses the piping of the prefabricated chimney) of the prefabricated chimney and just below the chimney cap. Storm collars are typically constructed of galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper, and look like skirts or collars around the pipe, much like their name suggests. They work by directing water down the skirt of the collar and away from the chimney system.

Because storm collars are constantly taking on water, material choice is important. Although a cheap metal storm collar may save you money up front, it will also rust through rapidly. A substandard storm collar or a poorly-fitted storm collar will leave your system exposed to the elements and may result in the need for a whole new prefabricated chimney system – so make sure you invest wisely!

Why Is Flashing So Important?

Flashing takes a lot of abuse, and can be shifted or bent during strong winds and rain. Once bent or moved out of place, flashing will no longer provide protection to the vulnerable areas on the chimney and roof. Like all chimney flashing, storm collars perform critical work and should never be neglected. If you haven’t had your flashing inspected lately, call Bulldog Chimney Sweeps or click here to schedule an appointment online. You just may end up saving your entire prefabricated chimney system and a great deal of money!


A chimney cap is one of the easiest installations you can have done to provide maximum protection for your chimney system. Why not call us now to discuss the details?


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