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Certified Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning

The chimney works diligently to remove dangerous by-products of combustion from your home, while protecting your walls from the high heat produced in the fuel-burning process. Fire after fire, your chimney is exposed to heat, ash, smoke, and hot gases. Over time, these products can settle as flammable creosote on the walls of your chimney, which, neglected, can build up and bake to the walls of the chimney. Once it reaches a certain point, this build-up can be very difficult to remove and can even restrict air flow within the chimney system, leading to inefficiency and the production of even more creosote. Air flow restriction can also cause dangerous gases (produced during combustion) to backdraft into your home and infiltrate your air supply. To protect your family from chimney fires and carbon monoxide, and to preserve your chimney system, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that you have your system swept and cleaned at least once a year.

Annual sweeping won’t just leave your system looking clean and working well, it can also alert you to any problems within your system before they are able to create significant and costly damage. Water is the most common cause of extensive chimney system damage and can result in the need for expensive repairs and even complete rebuilds. Although the parts of your chimney system are constantly working to keep water out, should any of these parts decay with time or weather damage, you will almost assuredly have a water problem.

Without annual sweepings and inspections, you may not even know you have a water problem until it is too late. Save yourself money, hassle, and unnecessary dangers by making annual sweeping a priority in your home. Call Bulldog Chimney Sweeps, today!

Commercial and Condominium Complexes

Do you have a chimney in your place of business or in your condominium? At Bulldog Chimney Sweeps, we also provide thorough and expert chimney sweeping services to commercial and condominium customers. We have the proper equipment, skill, and experience, and are confident in the services we provide no matter how big or small the job is. Fire prevention and masonry preservation is our passion, regardless of building type. To find out more about the residential, commercial, and condominium chimney sweeping services we offer, check out Residential & Commercial and Sweeping Condo Complexes.

Fires cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage and dozens of injuries and deaths every year. Do your part to protect those around you – schedule your annual chimney sweeping, today!


Our chimney video inspection will give you a real picture of the service your chimney really needs…count on it!


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