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Quality Crown Repair And Rebuild Work

The crown refers to the layer of concrete or masonry that sits on and seals the chimney top. A quality, well-designed crown will be at least 2 inches thick at its thinnest point and will extend past the edges of the chimney top. This extension is designed to encourage water to move away from the chimney and run off of the roof. The crown of the chimney is one of the most important defenses against water and animal invasion. Without a properly installed and well-maintained crown, you can expect serious damage and deterioration within your chimney system.

Water Penetration – Every chimney regularly battles water – it is a fight that is never-ending. But a properly installed and maintained crown certainly makes this constant battle a little bit easier. By sealing the chimney at its opening, the crown acts as a shield from the elements. It is designed to take the corrosion and abuse of rain and snow, so that the chimney system doesn’t have to. But, if the crown was not designed thick enough or with the right angles and consistency, water will accumulate on its surface and rapidly eat through a thin crown. A deteriorating crown cannot effectively protect the chimney system, and will need to be repaired or rebuilt.

Animal Invasion – A deteriorating chimney crown will provide easy chimney access for animals and birds, who think of your chimney as a lovely place to call home. Once allowed in, birds and animals will bring with them flammable nesting materials, feces, food, and babies. Not only can this be a huge disturbance and a messy inconvenience, it can lead to flue obstructions, chimney fires, and system decay. To prevent unwanted house guests, it is imperative that you have your damaged chimney crown repaired or rebuilt.

Our Crowns Are Guaranteed Not To Crack!

If your crown is damaged but is still structurally sound and well-designed, a Bulldog Chimney Sweep may simply opt to apply a high-quality crown coat sealant. These products are designed to provide a waterproof layer and can also sometimes be used to bond mortar or brick so that more damage does not occur.

If your crown is beyond repair or was improperly designed or installed, a complete crown rebuild may be needed. From proper mixing and materials, to proper width and overhang, crown construction requires careful preparation, planning, and design. With the skilled and knowledgeable masons at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results – call us, today or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Whether your need for a fireplace rebuild is superficial or structural, our experts at masonry repair can do the job and do it right!


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