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The fireplace doesn’t just enclose the fire – it says something about the room, the home, and the homeowner. A fireplace can be majestic or unassuming, grand or minimalistic, detailed or streamlined. With the extensive material and color choices on the market today, a fireplace can truly be customized to fit with any style, taste, or design. But a fireplace doesn’t just have the power to enhance a room – it also has the power to devalue a room. Whether your need for a fireplace rebuild is superficial or structural, the skilled masons at Bulldog Chimney Sweep can help!

Why Rebuild?

Unfortunately, fireplaces are commonly one of the most neglected parts of the home, and as a result, many fireplaces suffer from both superficial and structural damage. Some of the most common types of fireplace damage are:

  • Spalling, Lime-leaching, and Cracking – Whenever water enters masonry, it can cause internal and external decay and deterioration. Some of the most common results of water-damage are spalling, lime-leaching, and cracking. Spalling is caused by the freeze-thaw cycle that water goes through once trapped inside of the brick or mortar. As a result of this cycle, the masonry is actually destroyed from the inside out, and the exterior begins to crumble and break apart. This is typically how gaps and cracks start as well, although they are sometimes caused by other factors such as house settling or earthquakes. Lime-leaching is also a result of water damage, and refers to the process by which water sucks the binding ingredient (lime) from the masonry, leaving it as a white patchy deposit on the surface.
  • Smoke Staining and Creosote – An inefficient or improperly designed and cared for chimney system will have a much greater production of smoke and creosote. If not addressed or kept under control, creosote can cook and harden on the walls of your chimney and fireplace, which can be a serious fire hazard and can also contribute to even larger amounts of creosote and smoke. Although there are some great products out there for smoke and creosote removal, sometimes the damage is beyond repair.

Whether your fireplace is suffering from internal or external damage, you can trust Bulldog Chimney Sweeps to provide you with high-quality, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing workmanship. We take pride in each fireplace we rebuild, and have a passion for restoring the functionality and beauty of each and every hearth. To schedule an appointment today, click here.


Our professional tuckpointing experience means we can replace crumbling chimney mortar so that this masonry repair looks like the original work.


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