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The mortar of masonry is what holds it all together – that’s why it is imperative that it is well-pointed and maintained. There are several things that can cause mortar to require tuckpointing, including:


  • Weather Damage – Rain, wind, snow, and sleet can cause the mortar of masonry to break down and crack or crumble. As mortar deteriorates, the integrity and safety of the entire structure is compromised. There are waterproofing precautions that can be taken to prevent mortar decay – for more information on waterproofing, click here.
  • Insect Damage – Insects like bees can sometimes bore holes into the mortar of masonry, leaving gaps for water to penetrate and destroy the mortar. These holes can pose a real threat to the entire structure and should be addressed so that further damage is not done.
  • Poor or Sloppy Point Work – Point work requires skill, care, and proper tools. If your point work was not done properly or is inconsistent in material or finish, professional tuckpointing can improve the look and structural stability of the chimney.
  • Time – Time coupled with neglect can lead to the decay and deterioration of mortar. To protect the bricks of your masonry, it is important to have damaged or deteriorating mortar repaired and/or replaced immediately.

If your mortar is deteriorating as a result of weather, insects, or age, or if it simply wasn’t pointed properly, you may need to have tuckpointing work done.

What Is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing refers to the removal of the existing mortar and the insertion of new mortar in its place. Not all mortars are created equal, so it is important that you have your tuckpointing work done by professionals with extensive knowledge of both the history and future of masonry. In the past, mortar frequently had shells or other additives in it which altered its texture and color. If your mason does not knowledgeably and thoughtfully mix and point, you may end up with a job that looks like patchwork. Tools must also be picked with thought given to the age and stability of the brick and mortar. Some tools may actually end up compromising the integrity of the entire chimney system.

For quality, guaranteed work, trust your tuckpointing to the professionals. At Bulldog Chimney Sweeps, we have extensive training, education, and experience in tuckpointing work – we never rush a job or produce sloppy work. To schedule an appointment, call us at 970-872-2333 or click here!


A firebox that needs repair creates some safety issues that need to be addressed quickly, so call on us for a professional inspection to see if your fireplace needs this kind of masonry repair work.


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