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Chimney Flashing Repair and Installation

The flashing of the chimney refers to the overlapping layers of metal sheets that safeguard against water where the roof and chimney meet. Some of the flashing should be located underneath of the roof shingles and should travel up the sides of the chimney to provide seamless protection for this vulnerable area.

Because every roof line and every chimney is different, flashing should always be custom-fitted. A flashing job that is not custom-fitted to the roof and chimney will not be effective in keeping the elements out.

Most flashing is constructed of aluminum, stainless steel or copper. It is important to remember that the flashing is working hard to protect a very vulnerable part of the chimney system. Be mindful of this when making your material choice. Although aluminum flashing may be inexpensive, it will not provide protection for as long as stainless steel or copper, and will rust through relatively quickly.

Some of the most common problems with flashing are a result of:

  • Improper Installation – The placement and installation of flashing is the key to its effectiveness. If your flashing was not installed in a way that provides seamless coverage to your chimney and roof, you will have a water problem in no time. Not only will improperly installed flashing provide passageways for water and gathering places for water, it may also have lifted or raised areas that allow strong winds to easily pry the flashing away from the place of installation.
  • Animal Tampering/Strong Storms – Even if your flashing was properly and professionally installed, animal tampering or strong winds can bend or pry your flashing out of place. When the surface of the flashing is bent or dented, it can accumulate water, which will eventually lead to rust and openings for water to enter the chimney system. Bent or lifted flashing can also leave openings between the flashing and the roof and chimney, where water can easily penetrate the system.
  • Water Damage – Improperly installed or bent or lifting flashing can leave areas for water accumulation. When water accumulates on metal flashing, it can cause rusting and corrosion, and leave holes for easy access to the chimney system. If water-damaged flashing is neglected, the holes will continue to get bigger and bigger, rendering the flashing completely useless and the chimney system completely defenseless.
  • Earthquakes/Settling – When flashing is installed, it is placed and layered in a pattern that is designed to provide the best fit and the tightest seal. Unfortunately, any shifting or settling in the home (this includes the natural settling of the home over time as well as earthquakes) can cause shifting in the flashing and decrease its effectiveness. No matter how small the earthquake or how minor the settling, it is important to have the flashing inspected for any gaps or shifts.

If your flashing is in need of repair or replacement, the professionals at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps can help! We guarantee we’ll find the source, address the problem, and help you keep water out of your chimney and home for good. Call us today at 970-872-2333 or click here to schedule an appointment online!


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