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Cleaning Your Wood Stove

Conditioning Your Wood Stove

Let’s be honest. We get so busy with our day to day lives that we forget some things that we ought not to. Like our wood stoves, for example. You may think it’s not that important, but it brings certain risks when you leave it there all rusty, dirty and uncared for. So let me ask you — are you confident enough to say that your wood stove is functioning properly and that there’s nothing wrong with it? If your answer comes with hesitation and doubt, then give us a call here at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps. Our licensed professionals are always ready to inspect and do the cleaning for you.

It isn't enough to keep the outside of your wood stove clean - the functionality and safe operation depend on a clean inside too.

It isn’t enough to keep the outside of your wood stove clean – the functionality and safe operation depend on a clean inside too.

The Risks

First things first, it’s imperative to have your wood stoves cleaned, especially during the season where all you can see outside is ice and snow. When you’re all cuddled up and you think you’re safe, bad things can still happen. I’m talking about fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, just to name some. No matter what type of wood or item you use for creating heat, you need to pay close attention. Leave it unattended and it can greatly affect your health and your house—something you don’t want to happen.

The Process

The whole idea of cleaning wood stoves can be tricky but all the while easy. There is certain equipment needed like a specially designed vacuum cleaner that will make the process easier.  The “regular cleaning” or the general cleaning involves cleaning only the outer and uncomplicated portions of the wood stove. What our experts would do first is to inspect and check the wood stove. This is standard operating procedure. It’s always our duty to make sure that there are no recurring problems once the cleaning starts. After that, the cleaning will start to take place.

Having your wood stoves cleaned regularly is going to be quite beneficial to you. It saves you a great deal of money and secures you from any threat of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, keeping it clean gives you the assurance that your wood stove is fully functional and is ready to give you the amount of heat you need to endure the cold winter days.