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CSIA: The Chimney Experts

More about the CSIA

Do you ever wonder how the individuals in the chimney industry become so good at what they do? Their journey, just like any other licensed professional is just as challenging. There is a certain organization that ensures their quality an performance by testing their skill and knowledge on literally everything about chimneys. Thus, it seems adequate for us to give due credit to this organization for taking the time to train individuals and turn them into chimney experts. Here we talk about the Chimney Safety Institute of America, how they came to be and their significant role in ensuring modern day chimney excellence.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America not only regulates certification in the is also a fantastic resource for homeowners.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America not only regulates certification in the industry…it is also a fantastic resource for homeowners.

What is the CSIA?

The CSIA is a non-profit, world-renowned educational organization that was first established in the year 1983. Their aim is to help you, the homeowners, know the benefits, risks and maintenance activities related to your chimney. Their objectives include providing public awareness and education for the people in the United States. Keeping the people informed of all the necessary changes, highlights and preventive measures to take when solving chimney problems is their main advocacy. In connection to this, they highly promote and recommend annual inspection and cleaning of every chimney to keep it running for years to come.

The CSIA: Before and After

The CSIA also offers a certification program to license people who have the potential to become part of the chimney industry. On the year when it was founded, it took over another prestigious certification program at that time, the National Chimney Sweep Guild. This agency continues to perform its duties until today, but now functioning under the watchful eye of the CSIA. This has benefited them in so many ways.

The ultimate highlight for the CSIA happened back in 1992 when a man named Dick Van Dyke, the most famous chimney sweep at that time offered his talents, skills and knowledge on the most important aspects about chimneys. During those days, there was indeed a popular demand for chimney sweeps; they were the so-called celebrities of that time.  Because of his unconditional and exceptional efforts, over four hundred public service stations throughout the country were opened. Indeed, a record breaker.

Today, there are over one thousand four hundred individuals who have been duly licensed by the CSIA. Proudly speaking, we here at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps, are among them. That is why we have been able to guarantee you with the most qualified experts and technicians serving the people in West Colorado for over twenty years now. With a track record of trustworthiness and reliability to a number of homeowners, we definitely have your back with any chimney related issue.v