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HeatShield Can Protect Your Home and Chimney

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Winter is just around the corner, with several areas of the nation already experiencing snowfall. This is everyone’s cue to bundle up and stay warm. Staying warm inside is usually not as simple as layering up clothes, though. For homeowners that utilize fireplaces or stoves to heat part or all of the house, this time of year involves gathering fuel, testing out the damper, and most importantly scheduling the yearly sweep and inspection. In general, these regular practices work well for keeping the chimney and stove or fireplace functioning safely and efficiently. However, sometimes the basic inspection from inside the house and from atop the roof misses problems hidden in the middle of the chimney, like broken or missing flue tiles. A camera inspection can uncover this issue, and HeatShield can repair it.


The interior of your chimney is lined with heat resistant flue tiles. These tiles guard the chimney structure from the smoke, heat of the fire, and even water that leaks into the chimney. They also separate the combustible materials in the home from the fire to prevent unintentional house fires. In a study done by the National Bureau of Standards, a fire burned beneath an unlined chimney led to adjacent woodwork catching on fire in less than four hours. Thus, when these tiles break or are completely absent, your home and your safety are at risk.

In order to guard against missing or damaged flue tiles leading to fires or structural problems, a professional needs to evaluate the level of damage to the flue. Then, he or she can repair the damage using the various HeatShield products and methods. If the problem only extends to missing mortar, the chimney specialist can apply HeatShield flue sealant to the interior of the chimney using a custom made application blade.

If the flue tiles have slightly more damage in addition to missing mortar, it is a good candidate for the Resurfacing System. This process involves the application of a special primer to prepare the surface for the HeatShield. Next, a fine layer of HeatShield flue sealant fills in all cracks, crevices and holes. Upon the final application, the flue lining can now safely protect your home.

Lastly, your chimney may have large areas of missing flue tiles or it may not have a lining at all. In this case, a professional must address the problem before you burn any fires. Luckily, the fix is simple with HeatShield. After a layer of flue sealant is laid against the bare masonry, a custom fit steel fabric covers it. Another layer of HeatShield flue sealant covers the metal mesh, and your chimney officially has a strong, heat resistant lining.

In order to ensure a safe and proper installation, only professionals should apply HeatShield products. If you live on the west side of Colorado, you can reach a HeatShield expert by contacting Bulldog Chimney Sweeps.