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Make Sure Your Chimney is Clean for the Holidays

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The holidays are busy with planning, shopping, hostessing, decorating, and more. While there are so many things happening and so many people to consider, you don’t want to forget the practical upkeep of your home. Just as you should have a check-up with the doctor before the big marathon, or change your car’s oil before the big trip, you should have your chimney swept before the holidays!

Make Sure Your Chimney is Clean for the Holidays - Carbondale CO - Bulldog Chimney SweepsYour Holiday Backdrop

The fireplace is more than just for home heating or supplemental heating. In most cases, the fireplace is a backdrop for all of your favorite holiday festivities. Gift exchanges, family dinners, and evening parties are not the same without a roaring fireplace. Likewise, the fireplace is often the backdrop of the annual family photo. So, of course you want it to be as beautiful as it is practical.

When You Schedule Your Sweep

When you schedule a chimney sweep with a Bulldog chimney sweep you can expect a job well done. One of our certified chimney experts will come into your home and use special industry tools to clean your chimney. We will brush out, clean out, and vacuum out the soot, creosote, and ash from the chimney system. This includes the hearth, firebox, and flue. You won’t have to worry about your photo backdrop being dusty, musty, or stinky. With the right advice from the right professional, you can even decorate your mantel and chimney safely.

Benefits You Won’t Hate

A good cleaning is the preventative measure that keeps your chimney working for you. In fact, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends regular chimney maintenance. This includes annual inspections and regular sweeps. These are needed in order to keep your chimney system working at its safest and most efficient.

What happens if you miss these important appointments? There may be problems or damage to the chimney that you don’t know exist, until they cause a much bigger problem. For instance, a creosote buildup can turn into an extreme hazard, made more serious by a less efficient updraft. When there is a blockage in the chimney flue, the air slows as it rises up the chimney. This can ignite the debris on the flue walls.

When you have your chimney swept, the increased safety and efficiency can help you breathe easier this holiday season. When you have guests visiting, errands to run, and more, you don’t have to worry about your chimney, as well.

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Call West Colorado’s most trusted chimney sweep company of over twenty years.  We will guarantee our work, and get it done before Christmas. Our team will send a certified chimney sweep on every job, and they’re available to answer your questions or concerns throughout the process. What’s important to us is the safety and comfort of all of our customers. Colorado winters can be harsh and unpredictable. Don’t let your chimney be unpredictable. Let us clean it up for the holidays.

Bulldog Chimney Sweeps cleans residential and commercial chimneys, as well as condominium complexes, with the highest level of professionalism and experience. So whatever you celebrate, or wherever you live, you can experience the Bulldog difference this holiday season and check one thing off your list!

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