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Masonry Damage After The Snow Thaws

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Winter draws to a close and the weather grows warm. So, the last thing you want to worry about is your chimney. Winter can do a number on any chimney, though. In addition, when the snow thaws, you might find that you have chimney damage. If you notice even a small amount of damage to the chimney, you should schedule repairs before spring. Masonry damage allows water penetration! This leads to more damage and shortens the life of your chimney.

Common Masonry Damage

After a long winter, the most common masonry damage is caused from water penetration. Even a well-maintained chimney can experience water damage. This is especially true after a heavy storm, when the flashing or chimney cap is damaged. The average homeowner might not notice an issue until the damage is done.

Common masonry damage that Bulldog Chimney Sweeps sees following winter includes: crown deterioration and chimney spalling.

Diagnosing the Problem

It is easiest to diagnose a problem during an annual CSIA chimney inspection. Why schedule your annual inspection after the burning season? So your chimney sweep can detect masonry damage before spring rain worsens the damage! Also, scheduling in the spring allows you time to schedule necessary repairs before cold weather returns.

When your chimney is inspected, your chimney sweep gets a detailed look at your chimney system. They assess all readily accessible portions of the chimney. If a problem is detected, it will be investigated further. This is during a level 2 or 3 inspection. Once the problem is properly diagnosed, a repair plan is the next step.

Signs to Look For

As the homeowner you can look for problems with your system as the snow thaws and weather warms. Signs that indicate masonry damage include: spalling, cracking and crumbling mortar and bricks. Are you frequently finding pieces of mortar or brick on your lawn? Perhaps on your roof or in your fireplace? If so, you most likely have a problem! Other signs to look for are any indication of water penetration. This includes dripping, staining, moisture, and musty odors.

Preventing Re-occurrence

Some chimney sweeps might repair the masonry year after year, but this is not safe for the family and will shorten the life of the chimney. The only way to truly repair the damage is to repair the masonry, and to prevent re-occurrence by finding the source of the problem. This is where an inspection is important. During an inspection your chimney sweep should find the problem at its source and plan repairs accordingly.

At Bulldog Chimney Sweeps we repair masonry damage and we will prevent re-occurrence by waterproofing your chimney. You won’t experience another leak as long as you schedule regular maintenance.

To learn more about Bulldog Chimney Sweeps and common masonry problems we see here in West Colorado you can talk to one of our chimney experts by calling 970.872.2333 today!