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Our Firebox Restoration Process

The fire box is the section of your fireplace that holds the fire. Because of this, it is often the most damaged area of the entire chimney system. A damaged firebox requires a firebox restoration.


Causes of Firebox Damage

The most common causes of firebox damage include:

Water Damage – Water and chimney masonry never mixes well. A leaky chimney can result in water buildup inside the wall of your firebox. Constant freezing and thawing will weaken the brick internally and a weekend firebox wall is unsafe.

Improper Installation or Poor Design – Fireboxes are exposed to higher temperatures compared to other areas of the chimney. They should be built with refractory firebrick and mortar that is capable of keeping up with the high temperature demands of the firebox. If this is not the case, the brick and mortar will deteriorate quickly.

Age – No matter how well built your firebox is, it is still susceptible to cracks and gaps due to age and constant use. Consistent care of your chimney system will extend the lifetime of your firebox.

Environmental Damage – Severe storms, like thunderstorms or blizzards, can force debris or water down your chimney where they can settle in your firebox. This causes damage like cracking, crumbling, lime-leaching and spalling. A chimney crown is the best way to reduce environmental damage.

Our Firebox Restoration Process

Contact Bulldog Chimney Sweeps – If you believe your firebox is damaged or has been compromised in some way, it is important to contact us quickly. A compromised firebox allows heat to escape the chimney system and make its way to the rest of your home which could result in a fire.

Locating Flaws and Causes – Before we can fix your firebox, we must determine the cause of the damage. For example, if leaks are the cause of water damage in your firebox, the leaks must first be fixed.

Repairing the Firebox – After all causes of firebox damage are address, we will begin the restoration process. If the bricks in the firebox are damaged or inadequate for the job, they will have to be replaced. Refractory firebrick is what we use to replace firebox bricks because it is made to withstand much higher temperatures and is more durable than regular bricks.

Firebox repairs will involve mortar joint cleaning and replacement. We use a refractory mortar in our firebox repairs because it is more durable, resistant to higher temperatures, and it will last for years if you regularly clean and maintain your system.

Our Promise

Your safety is important to us and a properly restored firebox is a safe firebox. You can trust us to get the job done quickly and correctly. Our chimney repair men have the knowledge, education, training, and experience to make your firebox restoration as smooth as possible. We guarantee all our work, so you do not have to worry.

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