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The summer heat is backing off now, and fall is coming. If you depend on a fireplace for home heating, or simply enjoy the ambiance of an evening fire on winter nights, you should start thinking about your chimney now. Waiting can mean running into Colorado’s busy season, what the chimney industry calls the fall rush.

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Avoid the Fall Rush

In Colorado temperatures can plummet in early fall, and persist for weeks at a time. If you make the mistake of waiting until the busy season, you may not have time to have your chimney swept, inspected, and make needed repairs before winter hits. The fall rush is the busiest time for chimney sweep companies, and you may not get a convenient time even for the most routine appointments. Avoid the headache by scheduling now!

The Sooner the Better

You can schedule your regular chimney sweeps and annual inspections at any time of the year, but spring is recommended. By scheduling in spring you can spend the summer with a clean chimney, as well as have necessary repairs made before the rainy months. Any chimney work including maintenance and repairs, requires you to discontinue use for 24 hours prior to scheduled service. If you wait until cold weather to schedule these appointments, you may risk frozen pipes along with discomfort, especially if you depend solely on a furnace for home heating.

If you haven’t yet had your chimney cleaned or inspected, you should call a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS) today.

Why a Professional

A certified chimney sweep can clean, assess, and repair chimney problems promptly, and correctly. If you wait until the busy season to make needed repairs, you may be tempted to cut corners by hiring someone less qualified, like a general contractor. This is never recommended. Only a certified chimney sweep is educated, trained, and experienced in chimney installation, repair, restoration, maintenance, and more. Your chimney is an intricate system of parts that work together to keep your home safe and warm.

Finally, scheduling your appointments sooner rather than later keeps you from attempting to do the work yourself. Many problems with the chimney system are due to factors the homeowner cannot control, and cannot assess, let alone repair on their own. When you hire a Bulldog chimney sweep you can trust our professional service, and avoid an interruption later.

Schedule your appointment before the fall rush by calling Bulldog Chimney Sweeps at 970.872.2333 or schedule an appointment online.