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We Sell and Install a Variety of Gutter Covers

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When you own a home you own it from top to bottom. The chimney is not the only thing on the roof! If your home has gutters, maybe you routinely climb a ladder
and pull handfuls of leaves and other debris from the gutters. Maybe you hire someone to do this a couple times per year. This is not something that homeowners want to do all the time, but when your gutters fill with gunk, you have to clear it out for them to work properly. Is there a solution in sight? We think so, at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps.We Sell and Install a Variety of Gutter Covers - Carbondale CO - Bulldog Chimney Sweeps

Bulldog Chimney Sweeps offers a product developed by a family-owned company out of Ohio, Gutter Covers International. They offer products to fit over your existing gutters in order to keep leaves and debris out. This allows for your gutters to work properly and for water to drain from the roof and away from the house properly, avoiding unneeded water damage.

Affordable Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Yes, you can hire someone to clean out your gutters, year after year, season after season, but this is an insurance liability. What if the neighbor-kid falls off the ladder while pulling leaves out of the gutter? What if a gutter falls and hits your visitor as they walk down your sidewalk? These are real risks to consider. A Gutter Cover technician can install these products quickly and easily, and can service them regularly. They require no hooks or screws attached to the existing gutter, so it doesn’t harm it at all.

Bulldog Chimney Sweeps Offers the Best

You can learn more about Gutter Covers by visiting them on the web, but you can get started on your installation today. Choose between The Gutter Topper, The Leaf Terminator, and The Solution. The secret of the Gutter Covers International design the secret weapon. The water runs across the covers, hugging the sleek design, while leaves and debris run off the gutter and onto the ground.

How it works

The Leaf Terminator uses perforations and valleys to allow constant flow of water, while keeping the debris out. The cover attaches to the existing gutter, strengthening it instead of weakening it. These covers are also designed to withstand hurricane strength winds and rain while working effectively through all the elements.

The Solution works the same way and is available in six different colors in order to best match your home and roof. We at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps strive to offer the best services and highest-quality products. We are proud to stand behind such a company to offer these gutter cover products.

If you’re looking for a solution to the endless battle with the gutters, consider calling Bulldog Chimney Sweeps today, at 970.872.2333. Our busy season is September through January, in which we’re busy on chimney and fireplace calls. However, if you’re considering gutter covers, call us before spring! With spring comes April showers, and with showers comes rain and debris. Get ahead of the mess this year and contact Bulldog today.