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Your Chimney Liner

Your chimney flue needs a liner. Whether you have an interior or exterior chimney, whether you burn gas, oil, or wood you need a chimney flue, and it should be in top shape before burning season.

Your Chimney Liner - Carbondale CO - Bulldog Chimney Sweeps

Why You Need a Chimney Liner

1. The chimney liner protects the house from the chimney heat. Without a chimney liner the heat moves through the masonry and can catch surrounding woodwork on fire in under four hours.
 2. The chimney liner protects the masonry from the harmful byproducts traveling through the chimney. Without a chimney liner the life of the masonry is decreased substantially. 
3. The chimney liner is custom sized for your specific appliance for optimum use. If the chimney has no liner, or if the liner is not the correct size it can cause creosote buildup, and draft problems, lowering efficiency in your heat system.

For these reasons chimney liners are recommended and required by many home owners insurance providers. These findings are also supported by two rounds of testing by the National Bureau for Standards in the 1940s, and again in the 1980s.

The chimney liner is an important part of your heat system. Although they’re designed to last, they can fall into disrepair or require attention due to fire damage or change of fuel or appliance. If the efficiency of your chimney system has decreased or if you have acquired a chimney that has no lining, a new liner can improve your wood burning system.

Trusting the Professionals

Can you replace your chimney liner yourself? Like most things in the home improvement world there are more than a couple videos or blogs to instruct you in the job, but we encourage you to seek a professional. If the lining is not installed correctly the life of your chimney may be compromised and risk of fire or damage is inevitable. Also only a certified chimney sweep can properly clean and inspect your chimney, preparing it for relining.

At Bulldog Chimney Sweeps we specialize in chimney resurfacing and relining because the safety of your home or business is our top priority. In addition to offering relining services, our Certified Chimney Sweeps are experienced in level 1, 2, and 3 inspections. If we see damage or issues within your chimney lining we will offer an estimate for relining and a report of the problem for the appropriate parties.

Bulldog Chimney Sweeps specializes in the installation of stainless steel liners, Golden Flue® cast masonry liners, and the HeatShield® cerfractory resurfacing system. These are products that Bulldog endorses with pride, and installs with the utmost professionalism and care.

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