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The Most Common Kinds of Masonry Repair

From the looks of it, a masonry chimney seems simple enough: bricks and mortar. But, the materials that go into masonry work together to make it porous and durable. When maintained properly a masonry chimney can last decades, even centuries. But when a masonry chimney is installed incorrectly, constructed with the wrong materials, neglected, or penetrated with moisture it will need to be repaired by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS). Bulldog Chimney Sweeps offers comprehensive masonry repair for West Colorado, and our sweeps commonly see crown repairs, fireplace rebuilds, tuckpointing chimneys, and firebox restorations.

The Most Common Kinds of Masonry Repair Image - Carbondale CO - Bulldog Chimney Sweeps

Repairing the Chimney Crown

It’s important to maintain a functional chimney crown that covers the top of the chimney, and extends at least two inches over the edge of the chimney. The properly installed and maintained chimney crown keeps water and animals out of the chimney flue. If the crown is badly damaged a certified chimney sweep can replace it, but if it is structurally sound it can be repaired with a high-quality crown coat sealant. Our sweeps are experienced and skilled at properly installing and repairing chimney crowns that last.

Rebuilding the Fireplace

The most common issues with the fireplace itself are caused by water damage. Water can cause extensive damage to the many parts of the chimney system, and this includes structural and superficial damage to the fireplace. Water can cause lime-leaching, cracking, and even spalling, which is the result of moisture freezing and thawing inside the masonry. Spalling destroys the fireplace from the inside out, and can be overlooked by homeowners that aren’t aware of the warning signs. This is one of many reasons why homeowners should keep up with routine chimney sweeps and inspections.

Tuckpointing the Chimney

Tuckpointing is the process by which a certified chimney sweep removes damaged mortar and replaces it with new mortar of the same strength, consistency, and color. This type of repair is needed when mortar develops cracks and holes, and eventually falls out altogether. This damage can occur because of weather, insects, poor installation, and natural wear overtime. It’s important to the structural integrity of the chimney for the new mortar to match the old. Bulldog chimney sweeps are experienced in tuckpointing, and never rush or sloppily apply the mortar as so many others do. We are proud to offer the best services in the area and leave your chimney in better shape than how we found it.

Restoring the Firebox

It is vitally important for the firebox to be maintained properly because it is where the fire burns. The firebox should be built out of refractory firebrick and mortar that withstands high temperatures and keeps surrounding home materials from getting hot and igniting. The firebox should be inspected yearly, during the annual chimney inspection, and any concerns or damages to the firebox should be handled before a fire is lit in the fireplace. Bulldog not only repairs the firebox, but also locates the cause of the damage and corrects it. When we’re finished, you can rest assured that you’re ready for a fire.

If your masonry needs a professional touch, call Bulldog Chimney Sweeps and let one of our certified chimney sweeps assess and correct your masonry problems. Contact us today.