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Tuckpointing Is Important Before The Colorado Winter

Tuckpointing is a term that you may not know if you aren’t a chimney professional, or if you haven’t experienced the need. If your chimney’s masonry becomes damaged, you can easily find a chimney sweep that knows the work and its importance. If you live in a location like Colorado, it’s especially important to find a chimney sweep who knows the climate and hazards of a Colorado winter.

Tuckpointing Is Important Before The Colorado Winter - Carbondale CO - Bulldog Chimney SweepsYour Damaged Mortar

There is a misconception that only rain can cause damage to the mortar and masonry. This isn’t true. In addition wind, snow, and sleet can cause the mortar to break down, crack, crumble, and fall out. This will leave holes in the masonry. The deteriorating mortar can lead to more water penetration and lower the safety and efficiency of the fireplace and chimney system.

Your masonry can also become damaged when insects, like bees, bore holes into the mortar, compromising the structure of the chimney. Mortar damage can occur over time with regular use of the chimney, especially in high elevations and harsh winters like Colorado. However, damage can occur more quickly if the work wasn’t done correctly the first time. This is why you should always choose a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® (CCS). Your chimney needs attention and proper care before winter, because any existing damage will worsen through the winter.

Snow and Your Masonry Chimney

Snow in west Colorado is typically high-elevation, low humidity snow. This snow, often described as “dry” is anything but. When snow is allowed to settle into cracked, crumbling, or otherwise damaged masonry, it can cause extensive damage. No matter how “dry” the snow can be, it will still melt when the fire is lit and the chimney warms. Once moisture penetrates the chimney one of the most detrimental occurrences is the freeze/thaw process. That is when the chimney heats and cools. This causes even more damage than what existed before winter began.

Choosing the Experts

Only a certified chimney sweep has the expertise to complete a tuckpointing or repointing job in time for winter correctly. This will avoid more damage during these months. Since tuckpointing includes the tedious process of removing the damaged mortar, and replacing it with new, the chimney professional you choose should be experienced in matching the new with the old. This isn’t to make it look great. It’s because the new mortar must match the strength and consistency of the existing mortar. If the chimney sweep doesn’t mix and apply the new mortar correctly, the masonry can end up with more damage than when you started! With winter coming, there is no time to waste, and no corners should be cut. Hire now, hire a professional, and make sure the company is licensed and insured.

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