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The Importance Of Having A Professional Install Your Heating Appliance

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When you are thinking of installing a wood stove, fireplace or fireplace insert it is important to hire a professional contractor to complete the project. The do-it-yourself trend is great for a lot of residential projects, but when it comes to an expensive and potentially dangerous fireplace or fireplace insert installation you want the best and most experienced professionals on your team. Don’t waste money on unnecessary repairs or modifications. Protect your expensive investment by consulting with a heating appliance professional from the planning stage of your project.


Installation Specifications

From the planning stage, you want a builder who understands codes in your area, as well as the proper guidelines for installing a wood-burning heating appliance in your home. Building codes and regulations differ from state to state, so you want an experienced, local company who is familiar with the codes in your area. If you do not consult with a professional you could install a fireplace that is not right for your home and either will not heat your home efficiently or will not operate correctly – both of which could be dangerous for you and your family. Include a professional from the beginning to avoid any mishaps before the building begins. After all, a fireplace or woodstove is an expensive investment. Protect your investment from the beginning by hiring a professional contractor to make sure it is installed correctly and safely.

Avoiding Repairs By Having A Professional Install Your Wood Stove

During the building process, having an experienced and licensed contractor will make sure your fireplace, stove or insert is operating correctly from your first fire. A fireplace is a massive, heating appliance and should be installed to the letter. If not installed correctly you could release harmful toxins and smoke into your home, or even risk a chimney fire. Once your chimney is installed, any repairs could be costly and disruptive, so make sure a professional is installing your chimney to ensure it is done correctly.

Professional Fireplace And Chimney Maintenance

Once you start using your wood-burning heating appliance it is nice to have a professional available to answer any questions you may have. Including a professional in your fireplace installation project will allow them to be familiar with your specific appliance and that makes troubleshooting a much easier process. After your installation is complete, schedule a regular chimney inspection and sweeping from a professional company like Bulldog Chimney Sweeps in West Colorado to sweep the entire chimney and keep it well maintained.

Other Ways To Maintain Your Chimney

  • Don’t overload the firebox
  • Only burn treated, appropriate wood
  • Operate your fireplace, wood stove or insert according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Have a professional regularly sweep and inspect your chimney

The professionals at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps are available to help consult you on any size fireplace installation project. We love seeing products from start to finish, and being familiar with every installation makes maintaining heating appliances much more efficient. If you are thinking of installing a fireplace or wood stove make sure you consult with a professional today.