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Waterproofing and Lining Repair

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One of the most costly mistakes a homeowner can make is to fail to regularly maintain the chimney system. This includes waterproofing and flue lining repair.

Waterproofing and Lining Repair - Carbondale CO - Bulldog ChimneyWaterproofing is extremely important to your chimney function because water penetration can wreak havoc on a masonry chimney. Water can damage all parts of a chimney including:

  • Rusted damper assemblies, fireplace accessories, and glass doors
  • Deteriorated firebox assemblies, central heating system, and flue lining
  • Rotting adjacent wood, ruined wall coverings, and decayed exterior mortar
  • Water-stained walls, ceilings, and chimney exterior
  • Clogged clean-out area
  • Collapsed hearth support, tilted chimney structure, and chimney settlement

Each of these problems can affect the whole function and efficiency of your chimney system. As the saying goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When you consider the cost of the major damage caused from water penetration to your chimney, it is obvious that prevention is key. By waterproofing the chimney today, you may save yourself a flue lining repair later.


Waterproofing involves the application of a water repellent specially designed for chimneys which is vapor-permeable. This product allows small vapor particles to escape through, but keeps larger water molecules out. A product like this should not be applied by just anyone, but only a certified chimney sweep.

Although homeowners may be tempted to put similar products on the chimney to produce the same affect, this should never be encouraged. Keeping your chimney dry is top priority for its safety and efficiency. Other preventative measures your chimney sweep can discuss with you include: installing a chimney crown, chimney cap, and chimney flashing. Waterproofing along with these other measures, can prevent water damage that requires costly repairs.

Lining Repair

One of the biggest perpetrators of chimney liner damage is water. A fully maintained and properly installed and working chimney shouldn’t come into contact with water, but it often happens. Water in a flue lining can cause cracking and other damage and affect the way the chimney works. During regular use, the fire creates carbon monoxide which is pushed up the chimney flue and can be released into the home through the holes in the flue lining.

What We Can Do

Bulldog Chimney Sweeps installs stainless steel flue liners that are durable and long-lasting regardless of the type of fuel burned. It’s a good idea to choose a stainless steel liner if there’s a possibility you might change your fuel in the coming months or years.

If your flue liner is made of clay tiles that are damaged, but structurally sound, Bulldog can apply HeatShield® Cerfractory Resurfacing, which restores your chimney flue to safe function without the hassle and cost of a rebuild.

Finally, Bulldog offers “golden flue” which is a cast masonry liner, created from volcanic rocks. When you reline with Golden Flue, you reinforce the entire chimney structure, sealing all breaks or cracks, and insulating your chimney in one single process.

For more information waterproofing your chimney, or to schedule a consultation, call 970-872-2333 today, or schedule an appointment online.