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We Do Gutter Covers!

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Until you became a homeowner you might never have given gutters a second thought. Sometimes they may seem like a hassle, but when working properly they should be unnoticed. When they are clogged, damaged, or missing, that’s when they can cause you problems. Gutters are a protective addition to your home. They have some up-front costs but can save you bucket loads later.

Common Gutter Problems

  • Clogged Gutters.
    The most common problem with gutters is when they’re clogged. Over time they fill with leaves and debris that can clog the flow of water and lead to other problems.
  • Sagging Gutters.
    When a clog begins to weigh down the gutter system, it can begin to sag and pull away from the roof where it is attached.
  • Leaky Gutters.
    When the gutters sag, detach, or pull apart they can become weakened and lead to leaks.
  • Improper Installation.
    Gutters are designed to direct water away from the house and the foundation. They should be installed with a pitch of a quarter inch per ten feet. Otherwise the water doesn’t flow properly, leading to pooling water, clogs, and sagging.

What You Can Do

You can certainly climb up a ladder every spring (or more frequently) to clean out your gutters. You can even hire a neighborhood kid to do it for you, though this isn’t the best idea considering the legal ramifications if there was an accidental fall. The best option for you as a homeowner is to hire a professional to install, service, and repair your gutters. Professional installation means your gutters are installed correctly, protecting your home, foundation, eaves, and roof from unnecessary damage.

When you hire a professional like Bulldog Chimney Sweeps you also get a company that knows the area. We have been servicing West Colorado for over twenty years and can recommend the best products for your home and climate. Not only do we service gutters, but we’re proud to sell and install the best gutter covers on the market. Ask a Bulldog technician about the variety of gutter covers we offer from Gutter Covers International.

The Gutter Topper

The Gutter Topper: The Original Gutter Guard prevents clogs by keeping everything out of the gutter but water. The design of the curved top causes the water to follow the curve, falling into the gutter, while leaves and debris slide off and over the side of the gutter, onto the ground.

The Leaf Terminator

The Leaf Terminator: This fits over your existing gutter and features an exclusive perforation pattern with water flow ridges and valleys that directs the water into the gutter and the leaves and debris over and away from it. This cover is certified to withstand 110 mph winds with no lift or movement as well as a rainfall of 22 inches per hour.

The Solution

The Solution: Operates much the same, is invisible from below, and comes in six colors to match your roof from above. This design is effective for clog and overflow prevention.

If you’re not sure which gutter cover is right for you, we can demonstrate these products for you when you schedule an appointment with one of our experts.