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Why A Wood Insert May Be Right For You

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There are many reasons a homeowner may want to install a wood insert. Perhaps you’ve just acquired a property and you aren’t satisfied with the system in place. Maybe the existing firebox needs a costly rebuild. Then again, it could be you just want to update and upgrade your room. Whatever the reason, a wood insert is always a good choice!

Wood Inserts Save You Money

  • Efficiency.
    A wood insert will save you money in the long run because they’re up to 90% more efficient than a tradition wood fireplace, which loses most of its heat up the chimney. They are also more efficient because the chimney is designed for it’s capacities exactly.
  • Installation.
    You can save money by choosing a wood insert instead of a costly rebuild. A wood insert is faster to install, so it is generally cheaper in labor and materials.
  • Tax Credit.
    Many models and brands of wood inserts are EPA certified and qualify for a Federal Biomass Tax Credit, a credit of $300!
  • Fuel.
    Wood inserts are an economical and green option because they burn organic fuel (wood) which you can cut and split yourself, or purchase from a local supplier. This means no matter what happens with gas and oil prices, your wood insert will keep burning properly seasoned wood with the same efficiency as always. This is a great option for when the electricity goes out during a storm.

Wood Inserts Are Versatile and Beautiful

You can give any room a beautiful face-lift with a wood insert. They come in all kinds of styles from traditional to contemporary and always with the same beautiful result. A Regency or Vermont Castings wood insert offers a beautiful finished product independent of other utilities.

These wood inserts can be installed into an existing fireplace and chimney or paired with a pre-fabricated chimney system. This means a professional can install it into any room. You should always have a certified chimney sweep install heat products into your home, especially if you plan to use an existing chimney to vent your new fireplace insert. Only a certified chimney sweep can install a flue liner appropriately-sized for your new insert. If the flue liner isn’t the right size it can lower the efficiency of your fireplace substantially.

Before you make plans for your fireplace insert you should talk with a professional. A fireplace expert at Bulldog Chimney Sweeps can walk you through the process from start to finish, fitting you with the fireplace of your dreams, and then we will maintain it. Bulldog Chimney Sweeps has proudly served West Colorado for over 20 years and we can be your chimney choice for the life of your home.

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